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Pokemon Pearl - Mystery Event Gift Cheats

This is a custom .dat cheat database I made for my AceKard 2, although it should work fine for R4/M3 users as well.-This is for Pokemon Pearl and contains AR codes to unlock the 3 currently unlockable Mystery Event items. The "Azure Flute" for Arceus, "Member Card" for Darkai & "Oak's Letter" for Shaymin.-It also includes a code for x999 Master Balls to be in your inventory, so you will have no problem catching any of these legendary pokemon.Although you can obtain these items through this method, none of them will be of any use unless you have already obtained the National Pokedex._________________________________________________________________-For the Event Item code to work, only use one at a time. When in the game, Press L+R to activate the code, then enter any PokeMart. A man in green will be standing there and will present you with your new gift.after you have gotten all three event items, then feel free to use the Master Ball cheat. I just say this to stress the fact that you only use ONE CHEAT AT A TIME. Use a code, get your new item, save, repeat. It's quite simple :teach: _________________________________________________________________*Also, these codes will probably work fine for Pokemon Diamond. You'll just have to build your own cheat database for that game.
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