Pokémon Brilliant Diamond : Save File

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond : Save File 1.1.2 English Fix

Game ID : 0100000011D90000

So I've decided to share my BD save here.

I will try to make updates in the future but this is the actual content :

-Story and Post Game finished + Pokedex completed.

-9999999 Pokedollars

-9999 BP

-All objects x995 (except for the key items because it can actually create problems for future updates.)

-The 151 Pokemon from the Sinnoh Pokedex by order (in the pokemon box.) They are all legal and you can use them online for battle or trade. Some of them are made for Battle Tower or Strategic Battles.

-All the Legendaries Pokemons from both versions. (Except for Darkrai, Arceus and Shaymin because they are not legal yet) Feel free to ask me if you want them to be added in a future update of this topic.

What I could do concerning a potential update of the save :

-Adding the entire National Dex Pokemons into the boxes.
-Make all the Pokemons in the box level 50-100 and give them proper movesets.
-Maybe editing Battle Tower and Contests victories.

I used checkpoint to extract the save from the Switch. Feel free to use any software to import it.
Didn't do the 1.1.3 update yet.
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Latest updates

  1. English Fix

    The save language should be in English now.
  2. Language Issue

    Apparently, the save isn't set to be in English. Will try to fix that as soon as possible.

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All mentioned details are true. Completed Pokedex and item values are correct. Only problem is that the language isn't set to English, and cannot be changed.
Thank you for the review, appreciate it. Have you tried through Pkhex ?
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