Pokemon Black and White (U) Liberty Pass.rar 1.0

  1. striderx
    These are save files for Pokemon Black (U) and White (U) [Patched] after downloading the Liberty Pass via WFC. The game has not been started.

    Change the filename to match the filename of your ROM and place in the proper savefile location on your flashcard before launching the game.

    The Liberty Pass lets you capture Vicitini during the course of gameplay. In the US this download event ends on April 6, 2011. After that date, or if you lack WiFi connectivity, this save file will let you begin the game in possession of the Liberty Pass.

    Nintendo supports downloading the Liberty Pass even if you haven't started the game so this savefile has not been personalized in any way. You begin the game right from the very beginning where you choose your trainer and name.

    Good luck and enjoy!

    Savefile created using CycloDS iEvolution