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PocketAdvance 0.49

Version : 0.49
Programed by Je Yong Oh ( [email protected])
OS : PocketPC 2002

1. How to use
1.1 Configuring Key map:
- First, load a game and tap the screen.
- Choose Config->Keys
- After tapping the button on the screen corresponding to GBA button, press the PDA's button. Then the text of button will be changed to key code. (If it doesn't work properly, press the button for 1 or 2 seconds when mapping)
- If you finished all configuration, tap the Ok button. The key configuration will be saved.
- If you tap Cancel button, all configuration will be canceled.
- Then you can this key configuration for all game.
- The defalut configuration is for LOOX PDA.
- If you want to erase the configuration, delete keys.cfg file on the root directory.

1.2 Save and Load
- Only "State save&load" is supported.
- Bacause only one save file is supported, the previous save data will be lost when you save the state.

2. Limitation
2.1 Sound is not supported.
2.2 ARM CPU opcode was not optimized yet. So games using ARM opcodes will be slow.
2.3 16MByte Rom is not supported.

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