pkmn-chest v1.1

A Pokémon Bank for 4th and 5th generation Pokémon games for the Nintendo DS(i).

  1. Pk11
    Note: This has been on GitHub for a while and I'm uploading both v1.0 and v1.1 right now just for preservation and since putting it up on here might make it easier to find :P

    Pokémon Chest is an app for the DS(i) that can store and edit Pokémon in the DS Pokémon games. It’s current features include:
    • Loading save files from DSi SD, Flashcard SD, and retail cartridges
    • Storing up to 50 or 500 boxes of Pokémon per chest with support for multiple chests
    • Editing most Pokémon, trainer, and other save data
    • Editing items in the bag
    • Injecting pk4/pk5 files from SD
    • Dumping Pokémon to pk4/pk5 files
    • Translated to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean*, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
      • *(the Korean translation is not complete)
    You can download Pokémon Chest from its GitHub, our website, or the GBAtemp download center (where you are right now :P)
    Source code is on GitHub too

    The best ways to talk to us are to join our Discord or on the forum thread:


    If you want to report a bug you can do so here.

    Main Developer
    • Pk11: GUI code, porting PKSM’s save and bank management code


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