Panzer Dragoon Saga (US, Mednafen/Beetle Saturn) 2021-01-14

Complete Save!

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    Panzer Dragoon Saga-210114-150529.png Panzer Dragoon Saga-210114-144739.png Panzer Dragoon Saga-210114-144830.png Panzer Dragoon Saga-210114-143851.png
    Complete Save! All enemies have been encountered and defeated with Excellent ratings. All side quests have been completed with the exception of evolving the dragon into the Solo Wing, which can be done at the Red Ruins in the Forest of Zoah. All weapons and items have been obtained, with at least one of each "junk" item in the inventory except for those necessary for side quest completion. 100% Field Map Coverage and Target Destruction Rate have been achieved. Spiritual Closeness with the dragon is at 100.

    A Panzer Dragoon Zwei save file is present within the game data. This allowed for the acquisition of the Aronak Unit, which can be interacted with at the Camp. The save file for Zwei has 199 hours of playtime on it. Starting a new game of Panzer Dragoon Saga while using these save files will have Edge start with a whopping 19,850 Dyne!

    This save file archive makes use of both external save cartridge data and internal console save data slots. Save data details are as follows:

    Internal RAM:
    Slot 1:
    Game Cleared, saved at Camp next to Seekers' Stronghold. (Hint, use the "express elevator" marked with three vertical lines in the Tower to reach the bottom floor quickly and face Sestren.)
    Slot 2: The Tower, first visit, right before the battle with the Exterminator. Fly to the top of the Tower to initiate the battle.
    Slot 3: Camp, near Village of Zoah, prior to clearing the Imperial Air Force Post. Destroy one anchored warship to initiate battle with the Behemoth.

    Cartridge RAM:
    Slot 1:
    Underground Ruins of Uru, prior to fighting the Energ and Absorboras. Exit through the door behind you to initiate the battle.
    Slot 2: Forbidden Zone, prior to fighting the Gunship and Guardian Dragon. Enter Shelcoof (the giant airship) through its left side to initiate the battle.
    Slot 3: Blue Ruins at the Garil Desert, prior to fighting the Gigralyph and Gigra. Enter the nearby ruins to initiate the battle.
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