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Pacman (Formerly PacMan E) 1.03

Well this is a reverse engineered version of the classic Pacman arcade game. By that I mean I studied and researched and played the game, then coded and created my version from scratch using the DSGM 4.9 IDE (my last project sub v5), PAlib and C. It is meant to play like the original with a fresh look and feel, and I've ported the game mechanics pretty accurately.

I started this game early summer 2010, blasted at it for a week or so then left it pretty much untouched for a few months, spent another week or so on it and then didn't come back to finish the last bits off until now, January 2011. It has been a great project to work on for programming, pixel art, game design, problem solving and more skills and through it I've come a long way in improving myself. If I were to recode I'm sure I could do a lot of things better now but I am ready to shelf it and move on to bigger projects.

The 'sound effects' I took from the original arcade game, copyright for them belongs to Namco.
The music in the game is a song called 'Exhale' by Mr.Lou of Dewfall Productions, found at the site, which is a fantastic resource.

I made my graphics using MSPaint and Photoshop when I needed more zoom. I've found DSGM a really useful tool for prototyping pixel art, especially animated works also.

It's not perfect, and I know about some rare and hard to produce bugs (why I had to avoid saving the high score) but without a rewrite they aren't feasible to correct at this stage. In any case I hope you enjoy playing, the making of it was a blast.

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