Pack of Layouts. 1.1

Layouts in .json format so others can make their own themes.

  1. AkaiRed
    To use the .json files, download the Theme Injector (or use the web injector) and drop the files inside of the layouts folder, this way you will be able to see the Preview of the Layout and make your own themes!. (Some of the layouts posted here are already included on the latest version of the Theme Injector.
    Simple Homescreen Layout.
    Simple Lockscreen Layout.
    Small Compact Layout.
    Diamond Layout.
    Ultra Compact Layout.
    Edit 1.1
    > Added the new Abstract Layout made by me and added all the PSD that I use on my themes for someone that wants to use them or edit them.

    DiamondLayoutHomescreen.jpg SimpleHomescreneLayout.jpg SimpleLockscreenLayout.jpg SmallCompactHomescreen.jpg Ultra_Compact.jpg


    1. AbstractLayoutHomescreen.jpg

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