Outdated Wii softmods pack A

For historical purposes only!!!

  1. Ryccardo
    This file contains some Wii homebrews from late 2008/early 2009, representative of the early CIOS/backup/downgrading/"LU64" scene.
    (They were usually bundled with copyrighted system WADs, which I didn't include for obvious reasons)

    This pack is intended to accompany a post I have wrote, so please refer to it for a description of the contents and their credits.

    These programs are all outdated, most will not probably work as-is on a modern setup... which is good, as some will brick your console if they are actually used!

    The only safe way to try them is probably on a Wii with BootMii/boot2 installed (I don't think Dolphin is accurate enough, though I didn't try)
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