1. Dark Infernape
    Gameplay footage from this emulator version https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLB0yKQUcAQYZ4G_BoV-ExQ

    NO$GBA (pronounced "no cash GBA") is a free Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance emulator for Microsoft Windows & DOS. It is capable of running commercial and homebrew Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS ROMs, many at full speed. It is one of the FIRST and BEST Nintendo DS emulator running commercial ROMs.

    No$zoomer is a utility in the No$GBA emulator that is used, basically, for zooming. It also enables the playability of some games, whether new or old ones. Run the zoomer application to play in full screen,also has side by side screen,and a lot of other options,the regular NO$GBA does not,it's ready to go,nothing needed but some rom's

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    Change log:
    ------23 January 2008 - version 2.6a-----
    (faster 3d rendering, backup detect, rtc-irq, better texture interpolation,)
    (perfectly accurate edge-marking, translucent-poly-id, shadow-poly support,)
    (capture in vram display mode, debug gui/warnings, cpu/ipc/div/sqrt details)
    - free-download: old no$gba v2.6 gaming version now free for everybody - enjoy
    - debug/symbols: resize function for Alt+L symbol list window (saved in .ini)
    - debug/internal: changed computer_id handling for compatibility with win vista
    - nds/debug: allows nintendo to mis-use clipmtx_result for detecting their emu
    - nds/debug: allows to override mis-declared-thumb-functions by crude $t labels
    - nds/rtc: triggers IRQ when SI changes HI-to-LO (only when SI-IRQ is enabled)
    - hll-version: demangles strange new "_ZN3txt3txtEii" and "_Z3txtii" type labels
    - nds/gba/rcnt: allows to generate SI interrupts manually by toggling RCNT bits
    - nds/gba/rcnt: internally memorizes rcnt-output bits (additionally to inputs)
    - nds/rtc: passes rtc 1Hz/2Hz/4Hz/8Hz/16Hz or per-minute IRQ to rcnt SI input
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: uses clean 80286 shift opcodes (instead slow 80386 shrd)
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: new scaled side_clip_x allowed to re-remove pre_add_mask
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: scaled side_clip_x coords from 0..len to 0..7FFFFFFFh
    - nds/3d: soft-accuracy: texture/color interpolation with variable pre_add_mask
    - nds/details: emulates all newly discovered ipcfifo/div/sqrt technical details
    - nds/help: added tech specs on div/sqrt (readonly results, start/stop timings)
    - nds/help: added tech specs on ipcfifo (edge triggered, underrun, fifo-disable)
    - nds/help: added user settings 076h (language mask) and header 01Dh (ique flag)
    - nds/3d: soft-detail: edge-mark: recurses surrounding depth values (less only)
    - nds/3d/help: added more technical notes on edge marking (depth and polygon_id)
    - nds/a22i: auto generates chinese crc upon .fix directive (only if version=2)
    - nds/help: added info on chinese title in icon/title region (addr/version/crc)
    - cpu/internal: reduced 32bit test/and to 8bit (al/bl/cl/dl instead eax/ebx/etc)
    - cpu/detail: emulates mis-aligned thumb bx/blx and arm bx/blx (with warning)
    - cpu/detail: emulates mis-aligned rd=r15 in arm alu opcodes (thanks jonathan)
    - nds/3d/help: added double-blended-edge-glitch (edge-marking plus anti-alias)
    - nds/3d/help: added translucent-edge-glitch (edge-marking plus anti-aliasing)
    - nds/backup: supports re-detection (games with faulty initial initialization)
    - nds/backup: added bus-width auto detection (redirecting to new general types)
    - nds/backup: added new types (3x general types) (and 1x sanyo, thanks flubba)
    - nds/3d: soft-detail: edge-mark: handles edges at screen border (via clear_id)
    - nds/3d: soft-detail: edge-mark: applies edges in respect to surrounding pixels
    - nds/3d: soft-detail: edge-mark: internally stores edge_flag for possible edges
    - nds/debug: allows some games to initialize not-existing port 4001004h to zero
    - nds/debug: allows nintendo to use faulty ldmib with base-inclusion-writeback
    - nds/debug: allows nintendo to use invalid stmib/ldmib user bank writeback
    - nds/debug: allows nintendo to write more serious nonsense to (R) baseband regs
    - nds/timings: re-fixed arm7/arm9 sync (new arm9-66MHz timings vs arm7-33MHz)
    - nds/video: supports capture from 2d/3d engine in vram display mode (nanostray)
    - nds/help: added note on undoc nds7 port 4001080h (used by ds-lite firmware)
    - nds/help: added optical mouse sensor (slider controller) (thanx daniel palmer)
    - nds/help: added firmware wifi internet access point settings info (thanks cue)
    - nds/help: added user settings 066h (year) and 075h (ext language) (thanks cue)
    - screenshot: converts 32bpp images to 24bpp (smaller and more standard files)
    - nds/3d: soft-detail: prevents rendering of translucent polys with same poly_id
    - nds/3d: soft-detail: supports shadow polygons (mask/render, step 1 and step 2)
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: scaled perspective correct clp.x from 0..len to 0..7FFFh
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: mmx: faster texcoord_clipping (no_repeat,repeat,flipped)
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: pre-calc tex_clip proc, collapsed 32:32 tex_xy to 16:16
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: pre-explodes edge_color_table, optimized alpha blend
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: mmx: processes two rgba-pairs and tex_xy-pairs at once
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: mmx: nonlinear color_rgb and texcoord_xy interpolation
    - nds/3d: soft-detail: stores fog bit in framebuffer (opaque/trans=replace/and)
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: mmx: linear color_rgb and texcoord_xy interpolation
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: merged texture addressing and blending into single proc
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: mmx: faster texture blending (modulate/toon/highlight)
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: pre-calculates soft3d_tex_blend_proc for blendtype/mmx
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: uses mmx (if present) (otherwise stays 80386 compatible)
    - nds/3d: soft-speedup: collapsed scanline_rgba from 32:32:32:32 to 8:8:8:8 bits
    - detect: added no$gmb-386/486/cpuid detection, internal: rdtsc (3d/re selftest)