Nintendo Wii Image to TPL Converter ***BETA VERSiON*** v1.1.0

Tool for make Nintendo Wii TPL files from images in PNG/JPG/JPEG/BMP with multiple quality options

  1. SaulFabre
    Nintendo Wii Image to TPL Converter
    ***BETA VERSiON***

    Made by saulfabreg (@SaulFabre)

    This tool allows you to make custom TPL image files from the most common image file formats (PNG (also allows transparent PNG images), JPG, JPEG and BMP) for make them usable in most Wii stuff such Virtual Console and WiiWare. :D

    It allows you to make custom VCPic.tpl (Banner Image for VC), IconVCPic.tpl (Channel Icon for VC), simple non-animated banner.tpl (save data icon) file for Flash WiiWare iNJECTS, and custom cursors for replace Wii Remote's cursor inside cursor.arc file in Flash WiiWare iNJECTS, also to let you choose the quality for your resulting TPL files like RGBA8 (High Quality with Alpha), RGB565 (Moderate Quality) and RGB5A3 (Low Quality with Alpha).

    Special thanks to @Leathl (for the Wii.cs Tools' TplMii tool), @XFlak (for giving me a idea about command-line usage of Wii.cs Tools but I found more info about it xD), Pierre-E Gougelet from xnSoft (for the NConvert / xnConvert command-line tool for resizing images), and also to @mrt84 and @Zorg1996 for the help and also for pushing me to make this tool. :)

    You can see a thread of this awesome tool here:

    Minimum system requirements:

    • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (Windows® XP not recommended due to some errors) [we recommend x64 versions, but it also works on x32 versions.]
    • NOTE: If using latest versions of Windows 10 (ex. Windows 10 version 2004 or Windows 10 version 20H2), maybe you must set all the system paths in order for get the programs working.
    • RAM memory: Minimum 512 MB or higher, recommended 1 GB or higher.
    • Processor: I'm not sure but the minimum processor you must-have for using the programs with no problems is Intel® Celeron™ / Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or greater. The program will work flawlessly if you use any greater proccessor, such as Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 (minimum 4th generation or greater).
    • Other software:
    • Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5 (it's for making the program WadMii.exe be able to work) - Link to download:
    • Microsoft® Visual C++ Runtimes & Redistributables (for the proper functionality of some programs.) - Link to download:

    v1.1.0 (2021/April/23)
    - Changed to PUBLIC BETA VERSION
    - Fixed some major bugs when making TPLs
    - Added option for choose type of quality
    v1.0.0 (2021/April/22)

    - Initial release