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NetHackDS 1.17

* Added support for tapping menu section titles for selecting items in that section. * Changed menus in keyboard mode to show item accelerator characters. * After insisting I'd never do it, action menus (read, zap, eat, etc, etc) now display only relevant menu items (with an option to show all). * Made 'cursor' a compound option, which can take three values: 0 (always on), 1 (disabled over hero), and 2 (always off). * More refinements to touchscreen handling to ensure that stylus raises are promptly registered (fixes periodic hangs). * Fixed directional prompting when keyboard mode is enabled. * Fixed detection spells (such as "detect monsters"), etc, so they properly wait for user input. * Fixed key bound option toggling, after I completely broke it in the last release. * Fixed crasher triggered by popping up a menu immediately after resuming a saved game with the 'name' option set (yes, someone hit this .

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