NES Online Game AutoInjector 3.5

Tool to add games to NES Online

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    NES Online Game AutoInjector

    With this tool you can easily add more games to Nintendo NES Online. It checks every time if the game code already exists, so you do not accidentally overwrite existing games. In addition, both NES Online versions are supported, EU / US and JP.

    • NvnTexpkg.package
    • An NES game (.nes)
    • Two PNG / JPG or TGA 32 bit cover files with the size 400x400 and 355x512
    • Your "lclassics.titlesdb" file (EU/US or JP version)

    • Sort Title = "Enter the sort of the game"
    • Publisher = "Enter the publisher of the game"
    • Game Code = "Enter the Game code for the game (it has to be unique "its checked every time, if it already exists in the database")
    • Copyright = "Enter the copyright holder of the game"
    • Game Title = "Enter the title of the game"
    • Overscan = "Enter with which overscan the game should run"
    • Simultaneous ="select simultaneous false or true"
    • Fade In = "Enter the fade in for the game"
    • Volume = "Enter the volume for the game"
    • Out put folder: (NES-Online-Game-Autoinjector).path/NES_ONLINE_MOD


    • Unpack "NOGA" and the files of "NvnTexpkg.package" in the same folder
    • Create two (PNG/JPG/TGA32bit) images with size 400x300 and 355x512, using Photoshop or a program of your choice
    • Enter all required data into the text-boxes and provide all required files
    • If you want to add games to "NES Online JP", check the JP-Version check box
    • Press "Inject" done!
    • Save the created Titles folder to match your CFW, on your SD card

    • If you want to add more games after the first game, specify the "lclassics.titlesdb" file from the out put folder "NES-Online-Game-Autoinjector.path / NES_ONLINE_MOD / titles / TITLE_ID (EU_US or JP) / romfs / titles".


    The use of LayeredFS can get you banned!

    Source code:
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