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My Robot v1.0

----------------- Gameplay -----------------The game screen is divided into two halves. The left half has the little robot, which you control, the battery dispenser (at the top), and the buttons that move the big robot (at the bottom). The right half of the screen has the big robot (which you can only control indirectly), and the enemy aliens.The enemies come down from the top of the right half of the screen. If an enemy reaches the dotted line, you lose a try (You start with three tries).The small robot can move around in a limited area. There are three rows (Upper, Middle and Bottom) that he can be in. If he is in the bottom row (with the "mover" control buttons), then he can push the buttons left and right to move the big robot left and right.If the small robot is in either of the top two rows, he will be holding his remote control, and you can make the big robot shoot by pressing the "A" button. Each time you make the big robot shoot, you use up one battery. You start with two batteries, but can gain up to 8 by pushing the button on the right side of the Upper row, and catching the batteries as they roll down. You must be in the upper row to catch a battery.TIP: Spend as much time as you can pressing the "battery release" button and catching batteries, and only go down to the bottom to move the big robot when you need to. Remember, you need to catch at least one battery for EVERY enemy that appears.----------------- Buttons -----------------Up/Down/Left/Right: Moves the little robot on the left side of the screen.A: Makes the big robot on the right shoot.B: Unused (Except with a cheat)Start: Pause/Unpause/Skip IntroSelect: Switch between Black-on-White and Green-on-Black color schemes.L/R: When pressed together, goes into LCD Test screen and then resets.

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