Mupen64Plus-Next + GLideN64 3.0 2019-03-15

Updated Mupen64Plus-Next build with GLideN64 3.0 for Switch and Win64

  1. m4xw
    Introducing Mupen64Plus-Next (Updated changelog):
    This is the new WIP Mupen core I have been working on.
    It is developed with a close-to-upstream approach, which eases the maintainability and provides a easier way to update core components.

    Some notable changes:
    • New Repository approach based on `git subrepo`
    • Full feature parity to old Mupen
    • Added LOD Core option
    • Added Noise Core option
    • Added "Fullspeed" Core option (simliar to ParaLLEl)
    • Added VI Refresh Overclock (simliar to ParaLLEl)
    • Savestates for Version 1.5
    • Added Frame-duping option if Framebuffer Emulation is disabled
    • AArch64 Dynamic recompiler (by Gillou68310)
    • x64 Dynamic recompiler (by Gillou68310)

    Recent Updates (Partially WIP):
    • Fixed De-Init
    • Fixed Reset option
    • Angrylion+LLE RSP Support (not released yet, but done. First need to finish GLideN64 update, only useful for Desktop)
    • GLideN64 3.0 (master, currently still work-in-progess)
    • Overscan option for new GLideN64

    Current supported platforms (old GLideN64):
    • Libnx (buildbot)
    • Android AArch64 (buildbot)
    • Windows x64 (buildbot)
    • Raspberry aarch32/armv7 (via RetroPie)
    • Linux x86/x64 (buildbot), arm7neonhf (supported but not active)
    • Classic Mods

    Current supported platforms (New GLideN64):
    • Libnx
    • Windows x64

    • Requires fw 4.x or higher.
    • Requires a recent Atmosphere or Hekate build with JIT Patches (if fw > 4.x)
    • Requires full RAM access

    Since I can only upload 1 build:

    GLideN64 3.0 Bundle for Android (aarch64), Switch and Win64:

    Old GLideN64 build (Libnx, with JIT Patches):

    Pre-Made configs optimized for old GLideN64:


    Some Showcases:

    D1d3MuqX0AAOBKo.jpg large.jpg pm.jpg mm.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Rebased to latest GLideN64
  2. glsm fixes
  3. Updated frontend

Recent Reviews

  1. pi-maniac
    Version: 2019-03-15
    Conkers Bad Fur Day, Jet Force Gemini (& many others) now working GREAT! Thank you SO much!
  2. spotanjo3
    Version: 2019-03-15
    Nice but it is slow down indeed. I will wait for better speed. So I will pass, thought.
    1. m4xw
      Author's Response
      Fix your settings.
      This is as good it will get with right configuration.
  3. (deleted member)
    Version: 2019-03-15
    Thanks for your hard work.