1. Bobbyloujo
    This unique game was inspired by the song Moth by Audioslave. As I sat in class on a boring school day with this song stuck in my head the idea came to me. "That'd be a really good idea for a game", I thought.

    So I began to doodle the basic mechanics of the game in my notebook. The game would be a DS game and would have a top-down view. The view would span across both screens. At the top of the top screen would be a flickering light. The player would control the movements of a moth. The player would be able to steer the moth as well as make the moth flap its wings. Every time the moth flaps his wings he would speed up. The moth will feel bliss every time is flaps its wings while moving in the direction of the light. However, as the moth goes faster and faster it would be more and more drawn to the light.

    The moth becomes harder for the player to control as its desire to reach the light grows. Eventually, the player will not have enough skill to control the moth and the moth would touch the light. At that point, the moth would reach the light, only to find that the light was a fire. Game over.

    The more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it. I realized, however, that it would be too easy if the light was the only danger to the moth. Moths face more dangers than just being attracted to light. They have to survive against the attacks of predators.

    The first predator that came to mind was a bat. Bats, using echolocation and moving swift, are a very serious threat to a moth's survival. In the game, the player would hear the screeching of a bat just before it flies into screen to eat up the moth. If the player can think quick enough, the location of the bat can be predicted and the bat can be avoided.


    A - flap wings (tap repeatedly)

    L/R or D-Pad Left/Right - steer moth

    Start - return to home