MK11 1.0.11 Inf Health P1 Memory Dump for Pointer Search 2019-11-27

Memory Dump for Searching for Inf Health P1

  1. Have fun trying to find it

    Mortal Kombat 11
    TitleID - 0100F2200C984000
    BuildID - 5cc95226dbaaae04
    Version - 1.0.11
    Inf Health (32Bit)
    Address 1 - 4956DDFBEC <--- Not a damn thing
    Address 2 - 4956DDFBF0 <--- ACTUAL Health Bar
    Address 3 - 4956DF298C <--- Not a damn thing
    Address 4 - 4956DF2990 <--- Not a damn thing
    Value of - 3F800000

    MAIN Start - 3C18A04000

    MAIN End - 3C23B2B000
    For the Actual Health Bar, I let the CPU beat the hell out of me.
    I still Won...
  2. MK11 v1.0.11 Memory Dump for HP-SP-IA-Time

    Confirmed working Codes. Use only 1 matching Number Set (1, 2, or 3)
    Time (All Work)
    [main+9d461e8] - 5c0
    [main+9d5c4c0] - 5d0
    [main+9d5c5f0] - 5b0
    Super Moves (All Work with matching Interaction)
    [main+9d7e338] - 40c
    [main+a8ec990] + 184
    [main+afeed88] + 184
    Interactions (All work with matching Super Move)
    [main+9d7e338] - 3fc
    [main+a8ec990] + 194
    [main+afeed88] + 194

    Using JNoexs, here is the Info for the Memory Dump
    Address -...
  3. MK11 v1.0.11 1P Inf HP - Inf Round Time - 3rd MemDump for Pointer Search

    Not sure what went wrong with the previous Memory Dumps for trying to find the Pointers, but absolutely NONE of the Pointers did anything the 1st time (except one that caused a Game Crash).
    The 2nd Memory Dump gave me 2 different Dump Sizes (175,270 KB and 175,280 KB), and none would give Results unless the Offset was F000, and they gave MANY Results.

    This 3rd Memory Dump however, produced results.

    Inf Time - 1st 2 Results work. If the others also work, just pick which ones you want.