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Milo's Quest

*** Not sure if header information is correct, use GBAFIX ***The point of the game is to beat all the monsters in a screen withoutgetting killed first. The action is turn based: you get to move allyour players first and then all the monsters get to move after that.Monsters and players have various levels of hit points and damagedealing points, other players may join the party as you progess levels.Your players can make one move per turn, and can either move to theadjacent square, or attack/fire a projectile in one of four directions.Controls:---------Directional pad - moves the target brackets to the square / direction you want to attack / fire / move the player. the direction must be held down A button - move player to targetted square B button - attack / fire in targetted direction SELECT button - skip character's turnTips:-----* The bow projectile goes further than the rock projectile, but it does less damage.* Alia's projectile is a healing spell, it can heal both monsters and players. This ability is needed to survive the final level.Notes:------This game is a bit simple, but since I don't have the real hardware totest it on, I tried to keep it that way so that it would more than likely work. I'm still worried about DMA3, but here goes nothing...I tested the ROM on about 4 different emus and it worked the same onall of them, so there's hope (I hope). I'm note sure if the headerchecksum and stuff is correct, so if it doesn't load the first time,try use GBAFIX or something on the ROM first.Possible future upgrades:* Sound would be nice, but tricky. I'd need a real machine first...* The AI could be improved* More stages / monsters / graphics..?Cheat:------Meant for game testing, holding down L+R and pushing START will skipthe current level. Not that you should use it, 'cos it ruins the fun!

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