Might and Magic: Book Two 1.02

English Translation

  1. MrRichard999
    This patch translates all the dialogue, text, and items into English. Some changes made also reflect more to be in canon with the other series with the item names, magic, and a few of the members you can recruit as the Japanese version had made drastic changes which were unrecognizable for those familiar with the series.

    Also, in addition, this patch fixes the use of the final battle music to be used when encountering Sheltem. This was previously unused. (Special thanks to The Cutting Room Floor for documenting this.)

    Contributor Type of contribution Listed credit
    MrRichard999 Hacking Project lead
    DDSTranslation Hacking Modifications of string lengths, expansion, and advanced modifications
    Dr. Floppy Hacking Advanced modifications
    DackR Hacking Intro screen implementation
    AgentOrange Translation
    SnapHat Hacking Version 1.01/1.02 Bug fixes

    ROM / ISO Information:
    • Might and Magic - Book II (Japan).Sfc
    • CRC32: E60EB6C0
    • MD5: 2FBBB990042AF576C74C6EB5F05ECA0F
    • SHA-1: 562D0FD49642EE0C3F36F051DD256BA181E488BE
    • SHA-256: 8D63D6AC3BBE8E7A63080FB4A26A51AF71DE874F7D372E90D912FF5A4893274B


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