MenuDO - All Flashcart files, Themes, Source, BrotherBand Source 1.0

  1. Locutus
    This is a complete backup of the files previously hosted on the MENUdo website, previously hosted at http://menudo.co.nr/

    At the point of writing (23rd April 2018), the website's domain provider is about to cease offering free domain names- given how old the software in question is, I doubt that the owner will bother finding a new host after that happens. In light of that, I figured uploading a comprehensive backup to FileTrip might be helpful.

    The website in its complete state should remain accessible in perpetuity (with a bit of luck) at archive.org:

    If anyone else manages to locate it down the line, please consider uploading it to FileTrip yourself for preservation's sake.

    MENUdo can be used as a coldboot backup loader with relatively little work in conjunction with RetroGameFan's YSMenu flashcart packages- getting them to work together should be reasonably obvious. Verified working on DSTT, will likely function similarly well on other flashcarts.

    I hope someone will this package helpful.