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MenuDO - All Flashcart files, Themes, Source, BrotherBand Source 1.0

This is a complete backup of the files previously hosted on the MENUdo website, previously hosted at

At the point of writing (23rd April 2018), the website's domain provider is about to cease offering free domain names- given how old the software in question is, I doubt that the owner will bother finding a new host after that happens. In light of that, I figured uploading a comprehensive backup to FileTrip might be helpful.

The website in its complete state should remain accessible in perpetuity (with a bit of luck) at*/

If anyone else manages to locate it down the line, please consider uploading it to FileTrip yourself for preservation's sake.

MENUdo can be used as a coldboot backup loader with relatively little work in conjunction with RetroGameFan's YSMenu flashcart packages- getting them to work together should be reasonably obvious. Verified working on DSTT, will likely function similarly well on other flashcarts.

I hope someone will this package helpful.

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