I pwned U!

melonDS 0.6b

A DS emulator with Download Play emulation.

  1. I pwned U!
    melonDS is part of a second wave of DS emulators. There are a few other emulator projects that are part of it, which you might have already heard of. Either way, check them out!

    Why start this project? Mostly for the sake of the challenge, but also because I believe the DS emulation scene needs some fresh air. The NO$GBA author is working hard to reverse-engineer, document and emulate the DSi, but aside from that, there isn't a lot of progress regarding the DS, and I feel that there are still things to be done.

    So, without further ado, let's relive 2007! [​IMG]

    melonDS 0.1

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    * almost-complete 2D graphics
    * 3D graphics (software renderer) with texturing, alphablending, lighting
    * input: keyboard and joystick, touchscreen
    * backup memory
    * booting from the BIOS
    * resizable video output window, preserving aspect ratio of individual screens

    How to use

    melonDS requires BIOS/firmware dumps from a DS. You can dump them with the following dumper.

    The files must be placed in the same directory as the melonDS executable, as follows:

    * bios7.bin -- ARM7 BIOS, 16KB
    * bios9.bin -- ARM9 BIOS, 4KB
    * firmware.bin -- firmware, 256KB or 512KB
    Change log:
    • fix screen option menu init
    • add icon
    • add resampler with small tolerance to prevent sound clicks/pops at fullspeed