Mega Man ZX Advent (US, raw save format) 2019-09-06

100% Complete Save! Active save slots used for Ashe in Normal Mode

  1. delta7890
    Mega Man ZX Advent__9014.png
    Data 1: Ashe, Normal Mode Cleared!! Load and speak with Vent to reach Ouroboros & end of the game.
    Data 2: Ashe, Before Undersea Volcano. Load for quick access to Prometheus and Pandora fight.
    Data 3: Ashe, Before Quarry. Load for quick access to Model ZX fight.
    Data 4: Ashe, Before Highway and Floating Ruins. Load for quick access to Model L and Model H fights.
    Data 5: Ashe, At Oil Field3. Load for quick access to Model F and Model P fights.

    Expert Mode & All Mini Games Unlocked!
    All three "Mega Man a" stages unlocked!
    Secret "Model a" available for any New Game!

    Data 1 Details:
    All 24 Pseudoroid Medals acquired.
    All side quests complete.
    Secret Disk database complete.
    All Life Up, Biometal Energy Up, and Sub Tanks obtained.
    All items (including monthly items) obtained.
    Shelf room in Hunter's Camp4 decorated with orange comics, model train, ancient Mechanaloid, chandelier, and berry-bearing plant.

    Additional Notes:
    All other save slots feature all obtainable items, side quest cleared, etc up to their respective points in the game. Though not shown, Expert Mode and Grey's story have been cleared within this save data. All rewards for doing so have been unlocked as mentioned above. No cheats used with the exception of infinite E. Crystals.