Mega Man Zero 3 (US) 2019-08-22

The Ultimate Save File!

  1. delta7890
    Mega Man Zero 3.
    Slot 1:
    Abandoned Research Lab (Final Stage)
    Slot 2: Sub Arcadia
    Slot 3: Area X-2
    Slot 4: Missile Launch Against Area Zero
    Slot 5: Ultimate Mode Clear Save File

    Hard & Ultimate Modes Unlocked! All Mini Games Unlocked!
    All save slots on Ultimate Mode at S Rank.
    All Cyber Elves obtained. Fusion Cyber Elves that grant permanent bonus have been applied.
    All Chips obtained.
    All EX Skills obtained.
    Both Sub Tanks found in gameplay stages obtained.
    All Secret Disks obtained.

    For New Games:
    Load Slot 5 for a new Ultimate Mode game with everything unlocked!
    Hold L when selecting a New Game to begin a fresh Hard Mode game.
    Hold R when selecting a New Game to begin a fresh Ultimate Mode game!