Mega Man Zero 2 (US) 2019-08-22

The Ultimate Save File!

  1. delta7890
    Mega Man Zero 2.
    Slot 1: Sacred Vault (Final Stage)
    Slot 2: Neo Arcadia Entrance
    Slot 3: Second Lineup of Stages
    Slot 4: Operation Righteous Strike
    Slot 5: Normal Mode Clear Save File
    Slot 6: Hard Mode Clear Save File

    Hard Mode & Image Gallery Unlocked!
    All save slots at S Rank!
    All Cyber Elves obtained. Cyber Elves that grant permanent bonus have been applied.
    All Forms obtained.
    All EX Skills obtained.
    All Weapons at max skill level.
    Both Sub Tanks found in gameplay stages obtained.

    For New Games & More:
    Load Slot 5 for a new Normal Mode game with everything* unlocked!
    Load Slot 6 for a new Hard Mode game with everything* unlocked!
    Hold L when selecting a New Game to begin a fresh Hard Mode game.
    Hold L+R+Select when selecting a New Game to view the Image Gallery!

    *New Game + resets weapon skill levels to 1. Hard Mode does not allow Zero to switch forms, even if they are unlocked through hacking.

    WARNING!: Do not delete or save over Slots 5 and 6! Doing so will remove the capability to begin a new Hard Mode game and will remove access to the Image Gallery!