Mega Man X6 "Tweaked" (US) 2020-11-16

Super Save File!

  1. delta7890
    Mega Man X6-201115-181233.png
    "Super Save File!" Made by playing Mega Man X6 with the excellent "Tweaker" program found here. Still compatible with the original US version though! Data files 1 through 3 are in use and feature: All eight Mavericks defeated. Zero unlocked. All Life Up and Energy Up upgrades obtained (applied to both X and Zero!). Highest rank (UH) achieved. All parts obtained. All armors available for use (including X's Ultimate Armor and Black Zero at the same time!). Note that only the missing Reploids that hold parts have been rescued. Data file 4 is in use as well and has the same features, but Zero is not unlocked (for experiencing X's bad ending).

    Data File Details:
    Data 1:
    Secret Lab 1, X and Zero available.
    Data 2: Secret Lab 2, X and Zero available.
    Data 3: Final Stage, X and Zero available.
    Data 4: Final Stage, X only.