Mega Man X3: The Zero Project (US, v4.0) 2019-09-11

100% Complete Save!

  1. delta7890
    Mega Man X3 - The Zero Project000.
    Everything obtained! All files in New Game + mode with all weapons and upgrades available (including Golden Armor and Z-Saber for X and Black Armor for Zero!).

    Save File Details:
    Page 1
    File 1: Intro Stage (Start as X)
    File 2: Intro Stage (Start as Zero)
    File 3: Two Stages Complete (Bit, Byte, and Vile encounters active)
    File 4: Doppler Stage 1 (Bit and Byte still active)
    File 5: Doppler Stage 1 (Bit and Byte destroyed)

    Page 2
    File 1: Doppler Stage 2 (Vile still active)
    File 2: Doppler Stage 2 (Vile destroyed)
    File 3: Doppler Stage 3
    File 4: Doppler Stage 4 (Zero still active)
    File 5: Doppler Stage 4 (Zero out of commission)

    Additional Notes:
    This save file is intended for Mega Man X3 (US version) with the "Mega Man X3: Zero Project v4.0" improvement patch applied to it. Get it here!