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MCBackup 0.1 -SD Version

MCBackup is a save backup and restore utility for the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii (running in GC mode).
This version has been made especially for the SD Card.

You need SDLoad to run the MCBackup.Dol

How to use :

- Put your GC Memory Card in slot B and SD card in slot A with a SDGecko adapter.
- Run MCBackup.dol

Backup :
- Press Y to choose which save file to backup on the SD card and press A
If the file is already present on the SD Card, it will be overwritten !

Restore :
- Press X to access the file on the SD Card and choose the file to copy to the GC Memory Card.
If the file is already present, it will NOT restore the save. You need to delete the save on the Memory Card before using MCBackup.

Note :
If it tells you it cannot write to the SD, or running the restore menu reset the console, try moving the write protection switch of your SD Card to "Lock" state.
I had to use the Lock state to be able to write on mine. I hope it will help you too.

Note 2:
This is working only with SDGecko and Gamecube mode.
This tool does not work with Wii front SD reader.
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