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Max Overload 1.60A3

Another New Max Overload Was Realeased By ModEvil, So Again I Submitted Again To Gbatemp, Fixed directory accessFixed a few graphical glitchesSORRY ABOUT THE LAST VERSIONTHIS IS STILL A VERY EARLY VERSIONLOTS MORE TO BE ADDEDPlease report all findings in the usual placesYou don't need to mention:SOFTRESET (I'm looking into it)DIRECTORIES (It did work, I have broken it myself, sorry!)TIMESTAMPS (I have made them 06/06/06 for a reason, will change in future)GRAPHICAL GLITCHES (there are glitches going into some games)NEW FRONTENDYou can scroll one place at a time by touching the icon first left or right of the middleYou can scroll two places by touching the icon second left or right of the middleYou can move directly by percentageThere is an invisible bar below the iconsLeft most is 0% right most 100% and everything between is off that(just try it, you will soon understand)You can also scroll using the D-PADPress and hold the middle icon to start the game
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