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Max Media Dock - new loader 15/07/2007

The Max Crass Method (MCM) is a modified version of Go185's original method. Using his theory, users of this forum have made it so the MMD has a much larger range of playable ROMs. Not EVERYTHING works, but it sure as hell is a large upgrade before this came out. It is also used to allow games to work without any donor cards. This is a big step for the MMD, and I hope you enjoy it.*NOTE- If I missed any credits in the readme, I know about it. For the latest version and all of the corrected credits, download from DS-Scene*Tested a game and got it's results?I prefer you to AIM it to me. My AIM name is acevampire3.Tested GamesMario Hoops 3vs3 - WorksMadden 2007 - WorksFinal Fantasy III (jap)/(US) - WorksContact - WorksTestris DS - WorksPokemon Diamond - WorksPokemon Pearl - WorksCastlevania:Portrait Of Ruin - WorksCustom Robo Arena - WorksKonami Classic Series - WorksTouchMaster - WorksHorsez - WorksPony Friends - WorksYoshi's Island DS - WorksBionicle Heroes - WorksTouch Detective - WorksPolarium - Under TestingSims 2 Pets - WorksDragon Quest-Rocket Slime - Works, disable turbo loadPokemon Trozei - Works, disable turbo loadBrothers in Arms DS - Works, disable turbo loadBrain Age 2 (EUR) - Works, disable turbo loadMario Vs DK II - Not currently supportedHarvest Moon - Not currently supportedStar Fox Command - Not currently supportedSuper Princess Peach - Not currently supportedUltimate Spider-Man - Not currently supportedTony Hawks American Sk8land - Not currently supportedRayman DS - Not currently supportedREAD THE MANUAL BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION. THE MANUAL IS THE README.RTF

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    Shape @ Shape: @K3N1 Sort of. It means you have a GBA now, since that's all your DS can do without it's top.