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Mario Kart DS Demo Version Tracks Hack

What you need for these hacks to work:1. Lunar IPS2. Mario Kart DS Demo Version (don't ask me where to find it)3. A Flashcard or emulator4. A Slot-2 Flash Card (if using a Slot-1 flash card)Instructions for emulator1. Patch the Mario Kart DS Demo Version using Lunar IPS2. Run the emulator and choose the Mario Kart DS Demo version you just patched3. Enjoy!Instructions for flashcards(Don't know how to at the moment since I don't have a Slot-2 card)All the courses that are not supposed to be seen in the demo version of Mario Kart are now available! They are all available in this bundle.Also, all the beta courses in the demo version are now available in one of the patches! The Nitro Grand Prix contains all the new courses only available in the demo version. The Retro Grand Prix contains all the courses available in the regular version of the game, but with textures! :nds:
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