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Game Information================- To exit a level all colored blocks have to be cleared and the ball color has to be white at the exit.- To clear a colored block the ball color and block color must match.- Use Keypad left or right to move the ball left or right.- Press A to inverse the direction of the ball. This is only possible if you have some "brakes" left. Press Start to check how many you have left, there is also a audio warning (a high beep) if the brakes count is below five. When the game starts you have 7 brakes. Certain actions are rewarded with some brakes: +3 brakes when you clear a colored block +2 brakes when you lose a life +2 brakes when you complete a level- Touch a smilie block and the ball color will change.- Touch a question mark block and the level layout will change. The ball color must match the color of the question mark block otherwise nothing will happen.- If you touch (except a wall) anything else you lose a life.- If you finish a level quickly you get some bonus points.- Hiscore will be saved.- There are 9 hard levels to beat.- Push Start to see some information: Level -> current level number Lives -> remaining lives (you start with 99) Brakes -> how many direction changes are possible (A-button) Blocks -> how many colored blocks are left in current level. Bonus -> points added to your score if you would exit the level now; decreases slowly, so if you play a level for to long you get no bonus when you exit the level. Score -> current Score Hiscore -> score to beat

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