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MahJongg Wii 0.8

v0.8 23/02/09Download - Mahjongg Wii v0.8 * Added multiple tilesets! * Added character voices on 2 player versus mode * Re-encoded and removed cracklys from the sound effects * Added graphic when two player game ends as a draw * Tidied up and fixed bugs around the placing of tiles / shuffling * Fixed bug where saved music volume was not being used on startup * Changed screenshot function to output filenames with date and time instead of just one * Cleaned up the code that deals with memory allocation of textures in the menus * Added new menu music + other music tracks for the different tilesets/themes during the game * Fixed some memory allocation problems that may have caused memory to be held onto when mahjongg is exited and could have caused problems moving between the menu and the game if done numerous times * Added pressing A button on already selected tile deselects it * Added proper support for widescreen including options to turn it on or off * Changed config loading and saving to include widescreen and tileset selections. Does in a way that is backwards compatible with version 0.7 config files * Added Norwegian language support * Changed internationalisation code to fully support utf8 encoding thus giving the use of non-ASCII characters without the need for mapping * Change to auto detect whether the game has been loaded from a loader or not and exit accordingly (either reset to menu or back to loader) * Fixed even more bugs
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