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M3Sakura SkinMake 0.3

M3 Sakura SkinMake Skin Generator v1.3 (24th-12-2008):

The theme of the skin to generate *. skn corresponding document M3Sakura 1.33 or later use.

The production of the skin:
Icon status, background images and so on, using 32-bit PNG images or 24-bit true color BMP picture, the picture file name, file format, please refer to the size of the skin file specifications required by the table used as a parameter map software (such as Photoshop, Fireworks, etc.) to produce a detailed style can refer to the "skin sample" folder to provide samples of the creation.
All post-production of skin export documents required to be named, and all the skin and on the same software to generate a list of "default" folder in the skin can start to generate a batch of software tools "makeskin_default" the production of the skin.
If the skin file formats are correct and complete, the operation will generate "default.skn" paper M3Sakura system is the theme of the skin file.
Can create their own theme rename file name.
* The theme of the skin picture of the material specifications please refer to the table "MASM Listing.txt" document.
* Software plans to do some preservation of BMP picture may not compatible with the existence of the problem, not to generate skn documents, in the event this happens, please use the Fireworks "export" function preservation to 24-bit BMP images can be compatible BMP file format standards.

The use of skin:
Will be produced by a variety of skin *. skn theme of the document kept in the microSD card can be any file directory.
M3Sakura start, to find the appropriate skin file, touch or sliding around *. skn file, or directly by the A button can be applied to the skin theme.
* 1 will set the theme of the skin with immediate effect, M3Sakura do not need to restart the system;
* 2 custom skin theme will automatically save the next boot still use this theme of the program skin, unless
1. Theme file had been modified skin file name, move or delete
2. Revision skin theme set
3. M3Sakura implementation of the system initialization settings
4. M3Sakura language version of the switch, when to switch languages, the skin will automatically switch to the theme of language should be the default interface skin.
* 3 to replace the theme of the skin, custom desktop still use the previous settings will not be lost.
If you want to use the skin's own desktop theme, the menu according to a list of documents after the START button to choose "restore wallpaper" option will be able to resume using the current theme of the skin's built-in desktop design.

*皮肤主题图片素材的规格表请参考'MASM Listing.txt'文件的信息。

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