LoveStory 1.2a

A VisualNovel Library for LovePotion

  1. LoveStory Update Version 1.2 (Source-Code)

    SOURCE-CODE Version:

    CHANGE LOG Version 1.2:

    - Error messages warn you if pictures you want to load can not be found
    - You can now add multiple Description_Texts with the new DescriptionTextImageIndex parameter
    - If == -1 its the OLDWAY (Legacy: Your old code will still work.)
    - Second Character Image is now Mirrored on the y axis.
    - A soundmanager is added, that will keep track of aktivated/deaktivated sound and music before playing
    - Small Bugfix (Removed Debugsound "WUFF")
    - CharacterDescriptionScreen has now a "Landscape" TV-MODE (Activate/Deactivate: In lovestory.lua set variable tvMode = true/false)
    - New Function: Character:clearCache()
    -> Deletes all loaded Sounds/Images and forces the game to reload them when needed
    -> This frees RAM (depending on your amount of loaded pictures/sounds)
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