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Lord of the Rings 1.0

Save file with content unlocked from gamecube link mode. There was only one scene release (multi5) in Venom's (usually in the low 1200 range for numbered releases).

This .sav file contains the following:

-Ancient Artifacts (GC content unlocked) - Enables additional random drops of 'blue labeled' equipment. These are 'ancient artifacts'. Usually they have decent stats though I haven't found any better then my current equipment. They can be sold for more gems then standard.

-Sam Gamgee (GC content unlocked) - Enables Sam as a playable (and saveable) character for the Bonus Maps & Multiplayer (You can not use Sam or Smeagol on a normal new game)

-All 4 Bonus Maps unlocked (Moria, Weathertop, Fanghorn, and Helm's Deep)
-All main Artifacts found
-Smeagol unlocked - Enables Smeagol as a playable (and saveable) character for Bonus Maps & Multiplayer
-3 characters and 1 empty save slot (to play as Sam or Smeagol)
*Gimli Lv 19
*Legolas Lv 25
*Aragorn Lv 24
(All have decent equipment but no artifact weapons or armor yet that I recall.)
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