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Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening 100% save dungeon!

so... i took the liberty of creating a truely diabolical chamber dungeon involving every boss in the game.
are YOU bad enough to take them all on? this dungeon takes advantage of every single boss in the game. shadow link may make a surprise appearence during one of them....

1: all minibosses drop fairies. keep this in mind.
2. you have all the tools you need to clear this dungeon. remember the boss weaknesses!
3. see a spark? toss a boomerang at it!
4. there'some rooms you can take advantage of to heal sprinkled through the dungeon. inluding not one but two great fairy ponds!
5. BIG MONEY! BIG PRIZES! IIII LOVE IT! (only three chests have keys in them, two small and one boss key. this gauntlet also contains a rupee shower if you're brave enough. if you need funds for whatever reason, this is a good place to grind.)
5. good luck! you'll need it!
sooo i just discovered theres 4 chambers ONLY accessable with 4 different zelda series amiibo not including the links awakening amiibo.
sooo here's the fix. was wondering where the armos knight, moblin boss, and ball and chain trooper chambers were.
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