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Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening 100% save dungeon!

Here it is folks - a True 100% Link's Awakening switch save!

2 saves. both named Link
slot 1 - game beaten, no deaths, all heart containers and seashells, all chamber stones, all figurines...

slot 2: most of the above (minus the stuff only found in the postgame), but right in front of the wind fish egg to replay the ballad of the windfish. for personal reasons.

note: link's awakening amiibo has been scanned! so you can fight shadow Link! also i chose the red tunic from the color dungeon. if you wanna change it to blue or green go to the color dungeon and ask the great fairy queen nicely! no deaths, either. imagine how much grinding it took for 100%ing the chamberstones! so yeah you get to see the bonus ending. (just dont die to Deathi you goof!)

this was a remake of the first game i ever played/beaten.... and it came out on my birthday of 2019! don't think that could be topped, really.
so here it is, in honor of our birthday, a super save from a superfan! cheers!
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