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Fileninja is a FTP client,Usage is pretty simple. The windows are draggable with the touch screen. Swap the ds screens using the control in the upper right hand corner of the touch screen. Change fields for the login credentials by hitting enter, this cycles through the different text boxes and allows you to input from the keyboard. Once everything is entered click connect. From here, navigating the directory structures is simple, double tap on directories to change to them (they are highlighted white). Download files by selecting them on the remote listing, navigate to where you want to download on the local side and simply click the < button. Multiple file download is supported, but be aware the gui freezes while download is running and if the file is large it could take quite some time.This uses the Woopsi gui development system and a modified version of ftplib. I am sure there are bugs that we have not found yet so please feel free to submit bug reports / suggestions here (until we get a more centralized location for this up and running). Tested so far on the Cyclo DS Evolution and the R4. Happy Gaming:)

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