Krpyton Egg (1994) [MS-DOS] 2018-05-29

Classic breakout-style arcade game.

  1. HaloEliteLegend
    Developer: Computers Communications & Visions
    Release Year: 1994
    File Type: Shareware MS-DOS

    Description (by Computers Communications & Visions):
    Krypton Egg "THE ULTIMATE BREAKOUT" really hits the spot in its latest release. Already promoted to "best breakout game in the world" by the French magazine PC Loisirs when it first came out, its authors went all the way with this native Windows version with 70 frames per second graphics, an exceptional achievement.

    Chock-full of zany animations, 100 levels, 30 spells, 18 musics, fabulous monsters, unmatched graphic fluidity, excellent playability, interface in several languages!

    Go for the maximum in fun: the DOUBLE KRYPTON EGG PACKAGE: the complete game on a floppy disk PLUS the animations on CD-ROM!!!

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