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Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (J) AP Fix 1.0


1. Download the file
2. Extract the .rar file (ex.: WinRAR)
(Right click -> Extract here...)

3. Open the xdeltaUI.exe program
4. You should see two tabs, make sure that the "Apply Patch" tab is selected
5. Select "Kingdom Hearts Re Coded AP Patch.xdelta" (without quotes)
6. Select your CLEAN Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (J) ROM
7. Select the destination path (make sure the file name has an .nds extension)
8. Press the "Patch" button, and wait for a message box
9. You may copy your patched ROM to the ROOT of your Micro SD card

This fixes:
- Opening the start menu.

If you still don't know exactly what to do, then watch the picture I posted below.

The hex patch is NOT created by me.

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