Kamek's Island 2021-02-23

A Choco-Nilla Super Mario World hack created in 2013

  1. GammaPrime
    After dipping my toes in the Choco-Nilla hacking water with Mario Wants His Lemonade, as well as finishing up Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure, I decided to make a full-length Choco-Nilla hack using a mix of vanilla graphics, pieces from my tilesets, and some stuff from Techokami's ancient sets. This would also have been my first hack to use AddMusicK if the tool weren't so buggy at the time. This hack consists of 70 levels spread across 7 themed worlds.

    00.png 01.png 02.png 03.png 04.png 05.png 06.png 07.png
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