K1-SP PID00610601 Update (May 10th 2012) 1.0

  1. Shicky256
    Only use if your K1 has a PID of 00610601 or it will brick.

    K1 Firmware Update -- Instructions (maxzhou88's Game Players version)

    1. Download the firmware update file "K_FW.bin"
    2. Copy "K_FW.bin" to your TF card and be sure to put the file under root directory
    3. Keep pressing and holding the SELECT button and switch on your device's Power switch
    4. You will see the following message shown on the screen:

    New firmware loaded.
    B: Abort & test firmware
    START: Update firmware to SPI

    5. Press "START" button to update Or Press "B" button to quit and test the new firmware

    6. If you choose "START", you will see the following message:

    Updating SPI...

    7. When finished, please switch off and then power on your device again.
    8. Everything should be done now.
    (9. If something wrong, repeat the update procedure again.)


    1. The new firmware update procedure is now brick-proof.
    That is to say you can re-flash your device following above procedure again once you encounter some problem
    (Say low battery or turn off the device when updating.) You can also go back to older version if you want.

    2. This update is only valid for Maxzhou88's K1 device. Please check your PID on the HELP page of main page:
    (Using L/R to navigate to pages on main screen)
    Make sure you see the correct PID : 00610601
    -------------- Machine Info --------------
    PID 00610601