JFIF To JPEG Batch Renamer v1.0.0.0

JFIF To JPEG Batch Renamer is a useful set of EXE files to batch-rename JFIF, JPEG, and JPG files.

  1. Jayro

    JFIF To JPG.

    More and more websites (Twitter is a great example) are starting to save photos to your computer as .JFIF, which is a lesser-known branch of the JPEG family. And as such, these renamed JPG files can be problematic for people when trying to manipulate these renamed JPG files. So I created these simple file renamer tools for use on my own PC, and decided to share them with everyone here.

    You simply drag the EXE into the picture folder where your .JFIF pictures are stored, and run the executable file. it will very quickly rename all the files in that folder from .jfif to.jpg, as they should be. There are also JPEG To JFIF and JPEG To JPG renamers included as well, if you need them, along with my source code inside the original Batch file. I used Bat To Exe Converter v3.0.10 (64-bit) to convert my batch code into individual EXE files. The Readme.txt contains all the file hashes of the files within the .zip file.

    These files will only be updated if another file format becomes dominant, and there's a need for it.


    Zip File Hash:
    Name: JFIF To JPEG Batch Renamer.zip
    Date: 11/26/2019
    Size: 180 KB (185,288 bytes)
    SHA-1: 9C1588CCDEC77E4E3C1DC650C27717F7788B5A8B
    MD5: 0384FFD2A507BCEA3E70819F394A7058
    CRC32: E12B54EB
    Change log:
    Initial release, no bugs, and only 3 lines of code.