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Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review

"Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review"Ver.20090813A DS homebrew application by Multiple:Option http://www.multiple-option.comhttp://multiple-option.blogspot.comWhat is it?"Japanese Hiragana & Katakana Review" is a kana character review tool aimed at upper-beginner and intermediate Japanese students. The application allows the user to review their ability to recognize each of the 46 hiragana or katakana characters from visual and audio cues. Performance is ranked by speed, mistakes made and review difficulty. The application will also highlight the user's weakest kana characters for further study. Features include voice samples from native Japanese speakers, Rumble Pak and DS Motion support. Cute bonus: the application will greet you appropriately depending on the time of day!How to UseThe 46 kana characters will be displayed on the bottom screen in a random order. When prompted by the top screen (Normal difficulty) or by audio (Hard difficulty), search for and touch the correct character.Review Modes* Normal - Top screen shows next character to find. Lower screen doesn't shuffle after each correct answer. Score multipler = 1x.* Hard - Top screen doesn't show next character to find. Listen to the speaker! Lower screen shuffles after each correct answer. Tap the red button to have the speaker repeat the current character. Score multipler = 2x.RequirementsA Nintendo DS/Lite/DSi and a flash cart. Tested on R4 Revolution and R6 Gold. Runs in No$GBA. I make no guarantee that the game will work for you, your hardware or software. Controls Stylus onlyDS Motion (if available) - Hold L or R button and tilt the DS to activate the hint mode. 10 characters will be removed from the lower screen, making it easier to find your target character.Issues* None as far as I knowThanksDevkitpro - DS Homebrew tools - www.devkitpro.orgPALib & PAlib Forums - DS Homebrew tools & dev help - www.palib.infoInstant Immersion Japanese - Language audio course - www.topics-ent.comVersion History20090813 - Initial Release

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