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IMDb Wii Channel 1.5

Hello everyone, I have made a new Wii Channel that takes you to IMDb, it's one of the only websites that still (kind of) work! It is a free to download Wii Channel and I am glad if people use it! Thanks to XFlak and elk1007 for their help with this wad. The Channel Icon Is capable of fitting the icon from Widescreen (16:9) and Full Screen (4:3).

Current Version is 1.5 (Release)

Wii Menu "Channel" Icon (Widescreen)

WiiBrew - IMDb by pacthesir.png

Here is the Banner which makes a constant projector sound. (Widescreen)

WiiBrew - IMDb by pacthesir Banner.png
Note that you must have the Internet Channel for it to start, if not then you can use it to decorate your Wii!
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