Henkaku Enso for 3.65 1.1

Coldboot exploit for running Henkaku/TaiHEN on 3.65

  1. Ryccardo
    Port of Team Molecule/@yifan_lu's 3.60 coldboot exploit "Enso" (and of its installer) to 3.65, done by TheFlow

    This package is suitable for the 3.65 operating system ONLY, and requires of course signature patches - such as provided by h-encore.

    Note: a brick scenario has been identified in Enso (for 3.60) v1.0, if the Vita operating system is reinstalled and then an attempt is made to properly uninstall Enso (in this order). Since Enso (for 3.65) v1.0 is otherwise a straight port, it affects this version too.
    Above issue (caused by not checking what is going to be restored) fixed in Enso 1.1, officially released 2018-8-26.
    Change log:
    1.1: Fix for (future) PUP flash -> Uninstall Enso bricks
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Recent Updates

  1. Fix brick bug