HBC Luma3DS Splash Screen 2020-1-21

Splash screen based around "The Homebrew Channel".

  1. LumaCha0s

    This splash screen are based around "The Homebrew Channel".

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Extract the *.bin files to the "luma" directory on the root of your 3DS's SD card.
    2. Insert your SD card into your 3DS and power on the console whilst holding down 'Select'.
    3. When you reach the Luma3DS configuration menu, go up to the "Splash" tab and check the 'Before' option.
    4. Press 'Start' to make changes and your splash screen will show up.
    Change log:
    Updated instructions
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Recent Reviews

  1. TomRannd
    Version: 2020-1-21
    this is pretty useful for me because i forget what button to press to enter the setups and stuff
    1. LumaCha0s
      Author's Response
      Good for you then.