Gran Turismo 6 Career Expansion 1.2

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  1. Codemastershock
    This initial release, for version 1.22 of the game, adds all of Gran Turismo 4's 34 Driving Missions to Gran Turismo 6. Where tracks no longer exist in GT6 I've provided what I believe to be appropriate substitutes, and rebalanced events so that they're still fun and challenging. Info on which tracks were swapped is in the provided documentation.

    The new events are split between International B and International A the same way as in GT4, with the first 10 in the former and the remaining 24 in the latter, with a new category shown in each:

    Each category utilises GT6's existing Mission Races layout with graphics and text descriptions populated for each event:


    This mod is only available for users with a CFW/HEN PS3 - while I can't provide instructions on how to do that, the installation instructions for the mod itself are included in the download.

    I hope everyone enjoys this, it was a lot of hard work but very fun to work on!
    Change log:
    Initial version made by TheAdmiester on GTPlanet forums
    Minor fixes and Brazilian Portuguese support by Codemastershock
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