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Gcube - GameCube Emulator v0.3 (Windows)

Gcube is a GameCube emulator for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
Compatibility is still very low so don't expect much.

Software requirements:
* SDL library 1.2.7 or newer (won't work with older versions):
* zlib:
* GNU C compiler

Hardware requirements:
* Something good. I'm developing it on Athlon XP 2.0 with 0.5 GB ram and
GeForce 2 GTS, and that is not enough for a full-speed game of pong;)
* Video card must support the follwing extensions:
- GL_EXT_texture_rectangle or GL_NV_texture_rectangle
- GL_IBM_texture_mirrored_repeat

Building gcube:
* Before compiling check Makefile for options.
* To compile just type 'make' or 'make release' (optimized)
(on windows use cygwin and type make -f, and on mac use
make -f Makefile.mac).
* To install, copy gcube to /usr/local/bin.

Usage tips:
* If You have binfmt_misc support compiled into kernel,
copy gcube to /usr/local/bin and put this in some
startup script (eg rc.local):
echo ":DOL:E::dol::/usr/local/bin/gcube:" >/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register
echo ":GCM:E::gcm::/usr/local/bin/gcube:" >/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register
echo ":IMP:M::\x7fIMP::/usr/local/bin/gcube:" >/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register
You will then be able to run gc-binary files / mini-dvd images
just like any other executables.
* The easiest way to use it on windows is to make a shortcut to gcube
on the desktop and then just drop Your gc-binary files on it. You can
also associate gcube with dol / gcm files.

A few notes:
* Some games will need specific settings to run. Run gcube --help to
see the list of parameters. If the game doesn't work, try starting it
with hle enabled (-ls) or bigger refresh delay (-r value, eg. 900000).
HLE might also help if the input isn't working. If the games stop trying
to play a movie, try running it with -i1 or -i2.
* GCM's can be compressed with the supplied utility isopack. Compression
uses a very simple method but it is quite effective with some dvd images.
For example, size of 'The Legend Of Zelda - Four Swords' decreases from
1.4G to 255M. Other files might not compress that well (if at all).
* In order to run most of the SDK demos, a directory containing files needed
by the demo will have to be mounted as the root directory of dvd.
If a directory named 'dvdroot' is present in the same path as the 'elf' file
it will be mounted automagicly. Otherwise, use the --mount option to
specify the needed dvdroot.
* Only interpreter is implemented at the moment. That means it is slow
and You might have to wait a long time before something happens
(eg action replay and xrick).
* Debugger is integrated with emulator, so it will always pop up
whenever a fatal error occurs. Pressing F11 (or using 'x' command)
will run the program ignoring the error (if further execution is
at all possible). F12 will quit emulator.
* Configuration file is kept in users home directory
("/home/username/.gcube-0.3" on Linux and
"/documents and settings/username/.gcube-0.3" on windows).
* Default keys are:
arrows - digital pad
keypad 8/5/4/6 - first analog
home/end/delete/page down - second analog
q/w/a/s/z/x/c - A/B/L/R/X/Y/Z

F1 will disable/enable texture caching (slow workaround until correct texture
caching will be implemented).
F2 will switch wireframe mode on / off.
F4 forces linear filtering on all textures.
F5 makes all textures transparent. use if one texture occludes the view.
F9 will create a screenshot.

Big thanks goes to:
* Dolwin authors, org and hotquick. If they wouldn't release
sources of their emulator, gcube wouldn't exist.
* gropeaz / hitmen for Yet Another Gamecube Documentation,
also to everyone who contributed to it in any way.
* Frank Willie (phx) for PowerPC disassembler.
* Every GC homebrew developer releasing sources.
* Metalmurphy for gcube homepage and staff for hosting it.
* Adam Green for helping me out with the Mac OS X port.

* Great icons by rodimus:

Keep in mind this is a beta-quality product. It hasn't been throughoutly
tested and may contain bugs. Patches and suggestions are always welcome.

If You want to report a bug, ask a question or share a solution to a
common problem, check out gcube section at (thanks to
the courtesy of staff).

Be sure to checkout the gcube homepage:

[email protected]

Developed by monk
Reuploaded by saulfabreg (@SaulFabre)
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    gcube is a gamecube emulator for linux, windows and mac os x. Compatibility is still very low so...

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