GameCube GX - USB Loader GX Forwarder 2.7.0

Clone of Disc Channel's GameCube launcher

  1. Fixed sound!

    GameCube GX - USB Loader GX Forwarder v2.6.0

    Have forwarders for your Wii games but use USB Loader GX only for GameCube?
    This forwarder takes its look from the Disc Channel when you have a GameCube disc inserted!

    This version has the same sound the Disc Channel has what a GameCube disc is inserted!
    This version does not require a modified version of USB Loader GX!

    The banner is having issues with the "static TV" effect, so the effect is temporarily disabled.

    Current icon (yes, this is a separate channel you can move around!)

    Current banner

    Projected banner

    Credits to JGSHEW for working on this with me,
    And Draconic NEO for having this idea a month before I did
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